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The Armstrong Research Group
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

Third floor ICL, rooms: T7–T12, T17
Phone: T12 (Fraser’s office): +44 (0)1865 272647
e-mail: fraser.armstrong@chem.ox.ac.uk

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2013
RoyalSociety1 RoyalSociety2 RoyalSociety3 RoyalSociety4
Photosynthesis poster, Chemistry @ the Garden exhibition in the University Botanic Gardens, 2011
Photosynthesis poster for Chemistry @ the Garden
Non, Sally, Alison, Suzannah and Yatendra
Christmas Dinner 2010
christmasdinner2010_1 christmasdinner2010_3 christmasdinner2010_2
Christmas Dinner, 2009
Lab Christmas Dinner 2009 Lab Christmas Dinner 2009
Left: Mike, Sally, Annemarie, Carina, James, Roshni, Vincent, Tom, Suzannah, Bonnie, Fraser, Alison, Philip, Maxie
Right: Fraser, Suzannah, Philip
Snow, 2009
Tom, Greg*, Erwin, Gabrielle, Bonnie, Alison, Carina, Oli*, Caterina*, Natalie, Annemarie
Part II Hand-In BBQ, 2008
Left: ..., Lee*, Luciano*, Erwin
Right: Carina, Tom, Natalie
Fuel Cell Demonstration, Berlin 2008
Fuel Cell Demonstration Fuel Cell Demonstration
Left: Oliver Lenz^, Kylie*, Ingo Zebger^, Harry Gray^, Peter Hilderbrandt^, Annemarie, Marcus Ludwig^, Barbel Friedrich^
Right: Annemarie
Christmas Dinner, 2006
Christmas Dinner 2006 Christmas Dinner 2006
Left: Rachel*, Kylie*, Annemarie, Sarah*, Rosa*, Alison, Grace*, Gabrielle, Natalie, Margarida*
Right: FAA Group 2006
Punting, 2005
Doug Rees^ (California Institute of Technology), Chris, Fraser, James, Jo*, Rachel*

* denotes former group members
^ denotes guests/visitors/collaborators (non-group members)